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September 04 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 22:16 ]
Pissing outdoor on a natures lone Short haired smiling girl pissing outside pics :)
Check them out
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May 13 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 14:39 ]
Gorgeous girl peeing and giving a head Gorgeous blonde girl in white stockings peeing picture gallery.
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May 06 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 14:47 ]
Sluts mouth full of piss Check out this free movies samples to find out what those pissing girls have to offer. This site is very brutal, so I asked the support to give me some sample videos I can show to you. It deals with real pissing sluts. You'll find not only pissing voyeur there, but also group pissing, girls pissing on men and on each other, girls and men drinking girls piss! Something not to miss if you're a hardcore pissing lover type! Reminds me of the best of german GGG (666) videos by Magma!
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April 16 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 20:06 ]
Free pising movies Gorgeous blondes pissing on brunettes, guys and other blondes, some hot stuff for all you pissing fans. No password here, but a sample movies link:
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April 02 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 19:06 ]
Sexy Piss Lovers A sexy blonde in thigh highs catches a peek at her man interest, and then coerces him into receiving all of her piss from her lovely wet vagina. She then gets on her knees to suck him off, and receives his cock in her pussy, before being showered herself.
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March 28 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 21:34 ]
Alice peeing, masturbating outdoors Alice stripping, masturbating and peeing outdoors in this wonderful free pissing movies gallery sample.
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March 03 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 12:26 ]
Yellow Stories - new pissing girls site which will rock your world Here is this site's screenshot. It's a great site specializing in pissing MOVIES. One of the main advantages of this site is highest quality videos I've seen in the last 9 month. Enjoy Yellow Stories
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February 20 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 00:03 ]
Redhead girl peeing on the floor Click here to witness the readhead pissing on a wooden floor :}~~~
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February 11 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 02:09 ]
Girls pissing on her girlfriend from a ladder Click here to see this humiliating pissing of two girls, it aparently turns them both on!
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February 10 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 10:24 ]
A street pissing bahama girl This Street pissing girl is dressed up like's she's in bahama or smth :). Also I wanna start posting a great sex story I've found.

A Golden Moment by little miss blair ©

** Chapter One **

Amber was sitting on the subway train going into the city. All seats were taken and some passengers were standing.

Amber saw a young business woman, about 30 years old, standing about eight feet away facing in Amber's direction. What a stunning woman, thought Amber. She was dressed in a dark gray suit that couldn't hide the shapely body beneath it.

I hope I still look that good when I'm 30, Amber thought proudly. Amber was eighteen and a senior in high school. She was familiar with shapely bodies because she was blessed with one. She knew she turned heads when she walked down the street.

The woman looked directly at Amber and smiled. Suddenly she noticed water running down the woman's long, nylon clad legs.

"What the hell," Amber muttered.

A big wet spot began appearing on the front of the woman's skirt. Amber looked up at the woman's face. She was staring at Amber with glazed eyes.

My god, she's pissing in her pants. Piss was running down into her high heel shoes. She saw the woman's body go tense, then shudder wickedly. She then smiled at Amber and moved towards the door as the train came to a stop.
Amber was totally stunned. She had never seen anything like that in her life. Her whole body felt flush as a wave of sexual excitement swept over her.

My god, she thought. The whole scene took less than 10 seconds but it fully aroused me.

She didn't understand. I'm not bi or a lesbian, she thought. Why did it

excite me so much.?

That evening while doing her homework she couldn't get the incident out of her mind. She felt aroused again.

She closed the door to her bedroom and lay across her bed. She brought her hand up under her skirt.

"UGHHHHHH," she moaned as her fingers found the lips of her pussy. Her panties were soaked.

The shapely woman and the piss running down her leg was the image in her mind.

"ARGGGGGGGGG," she groaned as she immediately felt an orgasm sweep over her.

to be continued
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January 31 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 22:21 ]
Little grasspisser lives in a field Strawberry fields forever... being pissed on by cute girls like ths one. In this free sample gallery kindly provided by Piss Street site this girl pisses on a grass from different angles, stretching, smiling and getting kicks of it. Enjoy.
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January 24 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 21:00 ]
Young girl pussy pissing - yellow liquid puring in shockings pissing scene This young girl is pantie hose with a hole is fond of pissing in front of public. First drops are dripping slowly, then the stream becomes stronger and then it is pouring out of her, leaving traces on the floor and on her thights. The Young Pissing site offers exlusive pictures and videos of young pissing girls. For a free sample click here. Feel free to join the young girls pissing orgy - the trial is really cheap there.
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January 21 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 07:30 ]
Brunette teen takes a piss in the toilet
Soaked and drenched in yellow PEE when GOLDEN SHOWER party reach the
ultimate PLEASURE point! Nasty and a damn DIRTY group of couples in
HARD MOVIE FEEDS - that's not about this site. The
Piss Hunters site is about pissing voyeur - looking at other gils peing, secretly. They pee in the toilets, on the street, in the woods, sometimes even girls pee in groups. Watch them piss on this amazing site.
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January 17 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 19:28 ]
Introducing a new pissing site - Salty Rain Pissing can be exciting - the makers of the Salt Rain offer alot of thing for their members:
1. Unlimited access to all the pictures and videos the site + a lot of bonuses as long as you are the member of SaltRain.
2. Exclusive pissing content from their own studio + amateur pissing pictures and videos.
3. Frequent updates (up to everyday).
4. Special deals and great bonuses!
5. Two languages suppor - English and French.
6. Pissing is very rare and in their memberszone you'll find exclusive collection of pee pictures and videos and access to bonus section and additional sites.
And of course it's not only women pissing there. Have fun.
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January 14 2007
Posted by poroshock  [ 13:24 ]
Girl in stocking peeing on the street amauteur photo Time for some hot weather after the snow, eh? Ok guys and gals, this pissing girl is taken from the members area of the Pee Young megawebsite Pee Young Megawebsite. By the photo quality I can tell they not only make pissing photosessions with glamour models, but also purchase amauteur peeing photos and videos from the visitors, that's reality pissing and it's a big turn-on. I just love those nyloned legs and the leaking pussy between them :)
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